Autumn Mists

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Autumn Mists – Liquid Gold ‘

Autumn has arrived with its morning mists and leaves turning to gold. And as the dry white wines are busy fermenting, and the reds are in the process of being harvested, a fungus is busy in the vineyard . A fungus referred to as Botrytis Cinerea which has the greatest potential effect on wine quality.

“Liquid Gold – ‘sweet wine”

Botrytis Cinerea – otherwise referred to as the ‘Noble Rot’ – is a microspic fungus which attacks healthy, mature grapes and, under favourable Autumn conditions ( humid evenings, morning mists and sunny afternoons), will shrivel the grape, thus encouraging the concentration of the sugars inside, and hence producing “Liquid Gold”!

“Liquid Gold” or “Sweet wines” always conjure up ‘old fashioned’ images. wines taste sweet mainly because of the amount of residual sugar they contain (sugar which has not yet been converted into alcohol by the yeasts). Our perception of this sweetness depends mostly on the acidity and serving temperature of the wine and if there is enough acidity to balance the sweetness, a sweet wine will not be cloying.
The following ‘Liquid Gold’ is available in the Cave d’Eymet:

Chateau d’Yquem – 1945 Sauternes – (Price on request)

From the outstanding 1945 vintage, this extremely rare Yquem is Medium to full bodied but remarkably rich and concentrated, with abundant botrytis and honeyed-caramel sweetness on a background of tropical fruits, dried citrus and apricots, biscotti, This iconic wine has a massive long finish on which delicious spicy fruits make themselves felt very, very nicely indeed. Since this wine was released nearly everyone predicted that no matter how superb it was, it would not survive it’s fiftieth birthday. We were all wrong, for although quite mature and already burnished gold towards amber in color, this Yquem goes on and on, each year rebuilding its own myth. Drink now – 2020.

• Unfortunately this is not my personal tasting note as I have never had the opportunity to taste a 1945 Y’Quem! Yet!! (Mitch)
• I have one in stock under lock and key!

Confit de la Colline, Côtes de bergerac, 2003 – Price : 8,00€

Made from botrytised grapes harvested after several passes through the vineyard. Extremely rich texture, with notes of apricot, honey, vanilla, creme brulee, almond paste, and Seville orange marmalade…a full palate of flavours, which lingers on and on.
La Truffière, Monbazillac, 2007 – Price: 8.90€

The ideal foie gras wine . Lovely complex notes of almonds, white acacia flowers and fresh stone fruits. A wine of great finesse with a long seductive finish. Drinking now but can wait many more years.