Cosy » wines for Autumn evenings

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Cosy » wines for Autumn evenings

The cranes are making their way South, shots ring out as the Palombes fly over in their thousands, the squirrels are gathering the walnuts for their winter hibernation, the clocks have changed, so it’s time for roasted chestnuts, a roaring fire, a « cosy » bottle of red, and James Bond.

My “cosy” wines for Autumn relaxation are :
Elian da Ros, « Le vin est une fête », Côtes du Marmandais. 2010. 12.5%
Merlot 60%; Cabernet franc (20%) and Abouriou 20%. Price: €8,90
Cold, dark and wet. Dusk falls. The fire is crackling, oozing out warmth and ambience. I am stretched out in front of it, with a nice glass of dangerously drinkable wine and some roasted chestnuts. My delectable choice is Elian da Ros’s alluring, fruity wine which has the unusual gift of being both light and complex. A wine with personality and character with aromas ranging from musk to herbes de provence to rich plums, with a touch of oriental spice. Flavours of freshly picked berries, giving a lovely gourmet fruity flavour, with a lively fresh acidity, earthy, fine-grained tannins, and a lingering finish. Absolutely delicious with chestnuts. Needs time to breathe – so do I!

Château Clamens, depuis 1868. « Patrimoine » 2009. AOC Fronton. 13%
Negrette 50%; Syrah 40%; Cot 10% Price €10.00
Fronton is classified as part of the South West wine region, and is not far from Toulouse. The grape variety used there is Negrette, which is one of the few places in the world to grow this grape.
The robe is a beautiful sensual inky black with a deep intensity, as befits its name ‘negrette’.
Despite its dark colour, the wine is subtle, aromatic with initial aromas of violets and wildflowers, followed by ripe red fruits. Round, fruity and generous with notes of spice and liquorice. Ideal with Beef Wellington.

Nivet-Galinier, Domaine, « les Aspres », Côtes de Roussillon. 15.5% . 2005.
Carignan 50%; Syrah 30%; Grenache 20%. Price €18,00
A bio-dynamic wine produced in Roussillon with very low yields. The vines are worked the old fashioned way, with horses and the yields are very low.
Almost like a port. Figs, prunes, Christmas cake. Despite its high alcohol content, it is very well balanced, with tremendous length. Rather reminiscent of an Amarone, or a fortified banyuls without the sweetness. Time for venison.