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Time for a treat ! The truffle season doesn’t last long (from December to March) so why not spoil yourself with a delicious Truffle omelette, baked potato with Truffle butter or some Truffled brie……………..

What are truffles?
Truffles are versions of mushrooms . Referred to as « Black Diamonds » they resemble small potatoes, and vary in size from a tiny marble to a golf ball. Mysterious, difficult to find, very aromatic, and extremely expensive (900 euros a kilo two weeks ago when I visited the truffle market in Lalbenque, near Cahors), but hedonistically decadent – especially when accompanied with the perfect wine – Cahors!

I have three Cahors wines in the Cave d’Eymet :

Chateau Nozières ‘Ambroise de l’Her’ 2005 6.50€

A new discovery. A young Cahors made with 70%Malbec and 30%Merlot. Intense dark ruby colour with powerful red fruit aromas and nuances of fresh laurel. Well balanced, dry, lots of fruit on the palate with interesting hints of liquorice and eucalyptus.
Excellent value for money. No hesitancy in recommending this to anybody.

Prestige 2004 – Chateau du Cedre – 12.90€
90% Malbec, 5 % Tannat, 5 % Merlot
Produced passionately and as naturally as possible with a tremendous respect for the expression of his terroir, Pascal Verhaege has changed the perception of Cahors! Intense aromas of dark fruits, plump ripe cherries, redcurrants, and vanilla. Full bodied, soft well integrated tannins and a powerful flavour intensity on the palate, with a long, lingering finish. An elegant wine with a lot of finesse.

Le Cèdre 2002 – Chateau du Cèdre – 29.00€
100% Malbec. Produced from 40 year old vines with low yields – max. 27hl/ha. Oak aged 20 months.

Richly textured and full bodied opulent red. Powerful concentrated aromas of fresh roasted coffee, wild sloes, and menthol. Hugely powerful, yet elegant and fresh on the palate with lots of velvety tannins beautifully balanced by the intensity of the fruit. Very long finish.
Needs to be decanted several hours before drinking.
A truly magnificent wine.

Truffled Brie
Preparation begins a day (preferably two) in advance.
Slice a wedge of brie in half parallel to the cutting surface so it opens up like an oyster, exposing the interior. Finely grate the truffle, fold back together like a sandwich, wrap in tinfoil and store in the fridge for 24-48 hours before serving.
Pop into the oven for about 10 mins. Serve with warm crusty bread and a bottle of Cahors wine!