Le Nouveau est arrivé

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Le Nouveau
est arrivé

Nouveau 2011
“Essentially flirtatious, with a juicy aroma, which, combined with its promise of appetising acidity, is sufficient to release the gastric juices before it even touches your lips.”
They are not ‘great’ wines, but then they are not meant to be. Le Nouveau is a gulpable ‘party’ wine, designed to be drunk rather than analysed.

Beaujolais Nouveau is produced by *carbonic maceration , which yields particularly fruity, soft, aromatic red wines, suitable for drinking young and slightly chilled. The grape variety is ‘Gamay noir a jus blanc’.

Beaujolais Nouveau, 2011
The Beaujolais Villages Nouveau available in the Cave d’Eymet is Domaine de Saint-Ennemond produced by Christian and Marie Bereziat.

The 2011 vintage is succulent and fruity, with delicate aromas of black summer fruits. Light bodied, with a soft refreshing acidity, and flavours of morello cherries on the palate. An easy drinking Beaujolais Nouveau, ideal with charcuterie.

*carbonic maceration
A process which transforms a small amount of sugar in the uncrushed grapes, to alcohol, and produces many flavourful aromatic compounds, without the intervention of yeasts. It is used typically to produce light bodied, brightly coloured fruity wines for early consumption. The whole berries are placed in an anaerobic atmosphere (no oxygen), obtained by using carbon dioxide. This technique contributes to the distinctive aroma and flavour of Beaujolais Nouveau, which is reminiscent of bananas or kirsch.